About Us

We are a high quality manufacturer.

Since 1980, SOLANA Knits and Yarns (formally FILANER S.A.) is an integrated company vertically dedicated to the design, production and exportation of yarns, knitted garments and accessories. The excellent quality and high differentiation – in level of yarn as well as finished products-, the originality in the offer of design and the service given to the client, become the guidelines that distinguish the company, constituting it as leader in the area and international reference for the brand’s designing staff which are recognized throughout the world.

The continuous innovation of processes and the constant incorporation of latest technologies in programs and technologies of complex weaving, through the training of its programmers teams, results that every year we present a renewed collection, which includes a wide range of threads, new textures and designs of garments, always updated.

The high quality reached in our products combines: the excellence in the used raw material -principally of natural origin-, differentiated spinning, the technology used in the fabrics, with a careful confection and rigorous processes of completion carried out by highly qualified personnel.

We offer a personalized service, where the department of product development is keeping a constant communication with our customers, seeking always to satisfy their demands and collaborating with the collections development process.

Our products are commercialized in Europe, The United States and in main fashionable centers of Latin America, as well as in South East Asia trough an extensive agents commercial network. The most recognized international  brands leave up on us the development of their collections.

Helping top brands of the world achieve the highest quality since 1980.